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After Jonah Hex guns down two men looking to pick a fight with him in a saloon, the townspeople want to run Hex out of town. However, before they are able to do so, one of their people return back on a horse, dieing from an arrow wound by the Pawnee Indians.<br />Later, as Hex is washing himself in a nearby river, he has the drop taken on him by Little Fawn, daughter of the chief of the Pawnee Indians. Holding him at gun point with his own guns, and with the added protection of her Timber Wolf, Iron Jaws, she ties up Hex and begins to take him back to her tribe. However, when she makes them cross a rickety bridge, the bridge shatters and they fall into the rushing water below. Although Hex is accidentally shot in the fall, he manages to save the girl and he wolf and take them back to their tribe where he passes out. <br>

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